This situation is cutting to the core of DD18 mother, sisters and of course me as a father.

After ready the replies here I am intellectually in agreement, but what is unexplainable is how she left?

Grandparents travels here for her HS graduation, sister came from college for the summer to be here ect...

Than she just vanished, with such a drastic change in direction.

After reaching out to her yesterday via text; we don�t hear from her hardly at all and conversation is almost always initiated on our end, DD18 asked about her graduation money. Based on the advise here, I told her that my wife and I wanted to get the money to her because it was our gift to her for graduating HS.

I spoke with her briefly about her (our) car and gave her the option if she wanted to continue with the payments or sell it as SHE indicated in her �goodbye� letter.

I did specify that she would have to secure her own insurance ONLY because of the liability I can not afford to assume.

She said she would let me know on the car situation?

Am I handling this car deal correctly? Car is registered to wife and I and under our insurance policy.

DD18 was making payments to me and I in turn pay the loan.

We had restricted her from car use when I witnessed a car load of what I call �thugs� driving the car while she was working? They are into bad things and not licensed.

I want to handle this best to eventually have my DD18 get her life on the right path, but so can�t be sued if some thug committed crimes or crashes car under my name.