That is for insight. I find it valuable when posting here that people can provide their perspective that are not emotionally attached to the situation.

It has been hard but I am working hard to keep busy and stay in my routine.

Their has been scattered texts over the past week and my wife and I each spoke on the phone with her; my wife a little bit longer.

DD18 was requesting money for essentials and I sent her $100 of the graduation money until I gather the rest together to send her.

She is contemplating the car situation and she expressed that she doesn�t nessasarly wish to sell since she has so much already invested with a payoff of about $1,500.

I feel confident about the option to her about taking on her own insurance policy; she knows deep down my disapproval of this �boy� she has chosen and it is all for good reason.

I feel that yes, DD18 can legally make her own choices and I have come to the harsh reality that there is not too much I can do; BUT she needs to understand that all choices come with change; some good, some bad.

If DD18 feels it is best to shack up with this looser, forgo college at this time, find employment to likely support his laziness then that�s life as she has chosen but mom and dad aren�t throwing money in support of that venture.

If she wishes to come home at any point the door is open with a full fridge and support.