Some of you may have heard radio segment discussion our situation?

I am greatful Dr. H took the time to address. Wife and I met with DD18 at pizza shop and were greatful we could see her but saddened by just how �dogged out� she is in relation to this relationship and her approach on life.

DD18 told us she was going to interview for a job that paid well and she would go from there. DD18 later advised us via text that she did secure the job but provided virtually no details.

Discovered that DD18 traveled with POS back to our general area which is about an hour from where she was staying. DD18 has failed to contact us while in town but we have seen pictures of POS and other associates online.

We understand there is little we can do. We are sickeneded and worried of what she is getting involved in with this crew and reach out to her now and then just to see if she will call us to hear she is ok?

The rest of the family is on edge all the time because of the stress and anxieties this has created. Both of her sisters have no interest in even speaking with DD18 because of the just she has caused.

I worry about her safety and possible drug use?