I�m sorry you are dealing with this. I have two teenagers and can imagine that what looks to be the right way to handle it on paper, is really hard to do in reality because of the emotions involved. I guess it aligns with every other MB advice, of making strategic decisions not based on emotions. If it helps at all, since she is an adult, there really is no other option. You can�t abduct her against her will, which leaves you with verbally berating her poor decisions, which will only push her away. The only option is to do what you are doing.

I just want to point out here that this is a very difficult time for your marriage too! I have seen many friends have marital problems when they have had to work together to handle difficult child issues. I just want to advise you to make sure you are focusing on IC and POJAing your decisions regarding DD18. Make sure you are staying true to the MB way of life more than ever right now.