Wife and I are doing �ok� in marriage. We are more or less on the same page and she is in line with the advice we are getting here and from Dr. H.

Our emotions ramp up when we don�t hear from her for days on end and she doesn�t answer text messaging that are very short and simple...�Hey, hows it going today�?

It�s her safety I worry most about. I don�t like him, don�t share any common values with him and have accepted this is her choice for however long it may be?

My wife heard from her very briefly after texting and calling her today numerous times.

DD18 said �mom just relax, I forgot I had to work this morning�

This is not the case because we know for a fact that she was in town today.

I think maybe we are empowering her to be more secure in her decision? Maybe we need to just let her go and pray for the best?