Well to sum up the last week or so, we�ve had somewhat limited conversations with DD18 between wife and I.

Most conversation has been via text with a couple of calls mixed in. DD18 is working a job and the two of them remain living at boyfriend fathers house with several people in the home.

In a text conversation DD18 had with wife DD18 basic position is that since turning 18 we treated her like a child placing restrictions on her and generally not approving of her relationship with this male.

My wife and I position was that we only reacted to her behavior and advised against a relationship that we viewed as unhealthy for her for reasons DD18 admitted to.

DD18 states she is very in touch with how she feels and that people can change and my wife more than anyone should understand this?

DD18 says she wants to have a relationship with us however minimal but basically we need accept her relationship with this guy.