I guess I am somewhat confused in the position expressed here?

I know before my DD18 left the house my wife and I both were very much on top of her with the thought that we had her best interests in mind when setting boundaries in her life while living at home.

What is never mentioned here is how DD18 was an habitual liar which we found out after the fact.

Example. DD18 had a hostess job at local restaurant. We asked her what time she worked to at night so we knew when to expect her home.

We later found out she wasn�t even working the shifts she indicated and was lending her car out to non licensed drivers.

This is all neither here nor there, I believe me I completely understand at 18 she can make her own choice and tell us to jump off a cliff. Am I not still supposed to be a dad and call the balls and strikes in life as I see them?

I didn�t just make up the fact that this guy she is dating has less then desirable values. I�ve not only witnessed it but my own DD18 admitted it several times about him indicating she believed people can change and she is a good influence on his life.

I know I have to accept what I have no right to decide and change in someone else�s life, but it can still be what it is in reality; can�t it?

Drugs are drugs, living together before marriage is still not good, a higher education typically leads to a more productive life ect ect...

I don�t feel I control her, I am just her dad and want to protect her and call it as I see it; she obviously can decide to travel down whatever road she chooses and I am here for her if she ever calls upon me.