DD18 visited wife and I at home today. We both tried to keep conversation relative to her now living with BF in NYC now.

There were some tears in her eyes when she spoke of her emotions for him BUT some parts where she doesn�t trust him.

DD18 says she wishes she could also have parts of her family but you tell she has fallen DEEP for this guy.

What worries me is my DD18 is simply a good person in her heart and wants to be loved. This guy is from such a different background and DD18 is already expressing some doubts and basically doesn�t let him out of her sight.

DD18 did bring up her car and wants to have it because she states if she �ever� felt like she wished to leave she would have an easy out.

She knows I require her to get her own insurance because I fear him driving it and he is not licensed.

I don�t know how to feel. I feel sorry for her because I can see her goodness and want she wants and can just tell this guy is that material.

But I kept my mouth shut and just told her how glad I was she came to see us and that�s i miss her and am concerned for her as I always will be