DD18 returned home about a week ago to visit. The visit turned into her and boyfriend considering trying to find work in the area and staying here.

We gave her limited access to her car to look for work and go and see him at an apartment where he was staying.

Last night daughter became unreasonable and wanted him and her to stay at house.

We declined him staying because we have not even had the opportunity to meet and get to know him.

We told her the door was always open to her and that we would be willing to meet him and talk.

DD18 declined. DD18 was upset that we wouldn�t let him stay the night at our place.

The two of them are now saying they are going back to NYC where he has family and a place to stay.

I expressed my concerns to DD18 and said they should maybe date and build there lives?

My DD18 is not flexabale as his family in NYC will obviously allow things we won�t like sleeping in same bed together.