DD18 has began to work at her previous employer. Her stated intentions are to begin paying for car again and try and save up for a place for her and boyfriend to stay.

The issue will be; DD18 will devise her priorities as follows:

1. Save all monies for goal of staying in apartment with him. (He hasn�t ever secured job yet)

2. Put gas in car.

3. Make car payment or some part of it to me �with whatever may remain�.

I guess my stance; pay car or lose it if your not attending school.

In a perfect world I would prefer to not put my marriage back on that position. I have been letting this OM dictate every choice in my life for nearly 7 years!

I have an opportunity to now take the job I secured back to the western part of the state where my family and other daughter is.

My career does not superceed my marriage and my other family doesn�t superceed my wife; but when does it simply come down to she (my wife) needs to always choose me (our marriage) in life?

OM is just one man that is dictating all that I do in life.

Now, I remain being vigilant and intentional in my choices if going back near home.

1. Won�t be working anywhere near OM, know where he currently works.

2. Would be looking to purchase home in a separate town south of city where OM lives life.

3. Wife is looking for employment in an area where we would both agree on with the obvious notion that it would be no where in proximity of OM.

We both will continue to be transparent in all we do.

Yes, it is easier to remain here in the marriage category; but life involves more than this including other family members.

But I also know others have survived and recovered without ever relocating. By my own admission I did need to the peace of mind to move 5 years ago, and I believed my wife needed to see life away from there to clear the �fog� from this evil chapter of our lives.