Wife is enthusiastic about it. Wife has been traveling back and forth due to sick brother. My job here has required that I travel 50% of the time across the state.

I have become resentful to wife due to missing important family events (such as grandfather passing) and overall it just didn�t work out here.

My job now is asking that I return to the western part of the state. I initially tried to go to north Pittsburgh to remain away from hometown, but office location is in transition so they denied it.

Intentionally found house 30 minutes south of city where OM lives. Wife is intentionally going to work even further south of our home just to provide comfort to me due to situation.

We plan on putting all MB practices into play just as if we never left.

This is all we can do. When parents begin aging and wife would have to go there anyway; their is a risk.

We can never change where our hometown is. I understand the best advice is get away. I respect that but not everyone can disappear into the abiss forever.