As I write this I am experiencing one of the toughest most draining decisions.

Against what I feel inside, I have elected to remain where we are located because ultimately I care most about my wife and my immediate family.

I wanted so badly to take advantage of this job opportunity and be there for my parents back where I was most familiar.

With all the challenges to include my DD18 reminding here and continuing to be in relationship with a boy that is tearing my wife and up, I have searched deep and looked beyond all of this; taken the advice here and remain committed to my marriage.

I told myself long ago that the OM will never again experience the privilege he should have never had to even see my wife in passing as long as I walk this earth.

I�m trusting in God that he is pointing me in the right direction and I will someday find true joy.

It is a difficult time. We have cancelled the purchase of a home; likely will lose $1,000, but I care more deeply about the people in my life.

Thanks again.