Well we think we found an apartment in the area since our house here will be sold as of 10/12.

We lost $1k deposit in-house in hometown. Fell kind of ill over passing up this opportunity, but I am working hard to see the brighter side.

Wife had confrontation with DD18 yesterday after daughter had the car and told wife she had to work at noon.

Wife drove over to apartment where DD18 was �hanging out� with POS boyfriend for majority of day with car sitting outside. Wife got keys told DD18 to get her stuff out and wife brought car home.

Boyfriend showed his face and wife had some choice words for him. DD18 has not contacted us since this incident.

Wife is a wits end with this kid and what his influence is doing to daughter.

We will just keep pushing on. DD18 hasn�t made a car payment in months, but said she will have one for next month?

She can make her own choices but not at our expense any longer.