As if we don�t have enough going on. Hoping for some insight here.

Wife and I have been fighting the last couple days to the point it has become toxic. Of course DD18 is still conducting her life in the same manner with POS boyfriend which has both of us at odds.

To make things worse DD15 has now come to us expressing her interest in an 18 year old senior boy at her school.

DD15 did innocently make an effort to reach out to this kid unknown to her at the time that he was 18. DD15 wants to keep speaking with him and would like to maybe meet for a bit to eat somewhere as �friends�.

DD15 has come to wife and I about this request.

Wife feels like DD15 should be able to go and meet with him only as friends and only after us meeting him here at home first. Wife feels like if we play hardball we risk DD15 rebelling like DD18 did and look where that got us.

My position has been to help DD15 understand and to support her in going through these difficult high school years but at the same time to draw a line in the sand due to this boys age.
I had a peaceful conversation with DD15 yesterday trying to get her to see the logical side of things and to explain how this boy is st a different stage of life than her.

Wife and I tried to discuss but it ended in a huge argument with totally different views.