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As if we don�t have enough going on. Hoping for some insight here.

Wife and I have been fighting the last couple days to the point it has become toxic. Of course DD18 is still conducting her life in the same manner with POS boyfriend which has both of us at odds.

To make things worse DD15 has now come to us expressing her interest in an 18 year old senior boy at her school...

...Wife and I tried to discuss but it ended in a huge argument with totally different views.
You MUST stop fighting and arguing over your different views. Having different views is no reason to fight. Fighting will destroy your marriage.

I've been reading your older threads, and I've been reminded that you enrolled in the online programme. Is that correct? If so, you have direct access to Dr Harley, via the private online forum. You should post to him about the problems you face with both daughters. I know that your wife did not use the programme with enthusiasm, but this should not stop you from writing to Dr Harley. You should do that as a matter of urgency.

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