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The question is what are your thoughts when it comes to share location on the devices?
I have been told despite the situation in the past that it can be dangerous to be doing that. If there is no trust, there is insecurities to work on our self and maybe it's not the right partner. It's also a right to have privacy and there is a couple of lawyers that have mentioned that I shouldn't be tracked or me to track anyone.

People say alot of dumb things about "privacy" and "trust" so don't listen to them. If you have had affairs in your marriage, OF COURSE, there is no trust. Trust is a feeling that is based on trustworthy behavior. What better way to establish trust than to create complete transparency that comes with sharing locations? I can't think of a better way to earn trust.

And of course, you have no right to privacy when you are married. You have a right to know everything he does and vice versa.

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