Without spyware, you cannot see what he visits. You say 'apps' which makes me think he is using his phone? Have you thought of just browsing through those while he is asleep to see what they are?

If he keeps his phone locked down, you will have to think outside the box. Do you have access to phone records? They get careless if they do not think you are on to them. Also a GPS in the car and a voice activated recorder where he might have private conversations. Neither have to be left in place for long, a few days should be enough.

Not sure what you think a background check would give you. If you have a name, Google and social media will turn up the goods pretty fast. I found a 90 year old stone deaf cousin in another country (she had inherited something we wanted to send her) via social media. I had only her daughter's name, a town and the fact that she was interested in dogs. Took me 3 hours total.

If it is your husband you want to check on, you can definitely see if there are any photos of him on line by Googling his name. People have discovered other 'wives' that way! But come back here to get advice before confronting him if you find anything.

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