Thanks for that SugarCane....I understand that everyone is different, I guess I was hoping that in the hundreds of couples that might have been doing sexual aversion therapy there might be even JUST an spit-ball average of how long each stage most commonly is.

Assuming the steps are consistant, and the restof the marriage is generally good and being worked on.

would the AVERAGE be 5 years for each step? 1 week for each step? etc

Any thoughts?

Also, with the step 4 of the prgram it says:

"Eventually, you should describe as many sexual situations to your husband as you can think of. You may want to refer to your journal to help you remember what some of them were. Whenever you talk about them, try to remain completely relaxed, and you will eventually find that even your most disturbing sexual memories will no longer elicit a tense or anxious response."

What exactly is the person descibing to thier husband? Are they recalling past sexual situations that they've been in together (ie, i remember the time we were in mexico, I liked it that time when we did XYZ)...or are they rattling off random sexual situations that are possible (missionary position, morning sex on a holiday, oral, etc)?

Thanks for your advice everyone. smile