As far as things that make me “tingle” inside go, not too much sexually, but occasionally it will! It doesn’t happen all the time, but certain times in which he is being particularly attentive to me in bed, or when I wake up and stroke his face when he is asleep beside me, or even when he makes a teasing joke that’s just right and makes me laugh super hard. I’d say those are definite “tingle” points, or points when I feel very connected to him.

For what brought us together, it was more of a conscious decision based on the fact that we enjoyed being with each other and had fun when we were together. I thought he was dorky in a cute way and very smart and we really liked being together. We didn’t have a honeymoon phase, though I was infatuated with him for a time before we met in person (it was long distance online originally).

We just gradually sort of grew our connection with one another until I ended up living with him this past year. We typically have a good time together (when I’m not anxious) and go together like we’ve been with one another forever, basically. Is that okay? I worry that isn’t enough for romantic love, because it lacked the sparks stage, but I still love being affectionate to him and I do enjoy when we are physically intimate.

Edit: I think part of the reason why communication and connecting with conversation has been difficult may be because while I have been at his apartment, I basically stay inside all day and wait for him to come back. No classes, job, or other people I talk to here. I think I am leaning on him too much for all of my stimulation and discussion needs, while generally having no topics to pull from myself because I don’t really do anything all day…

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