I hope the collective forum doesn't mind me posting this here. I do not want to be a stumbling block to anyone, or cause anyone to become cynical as I have. So if you think this is inappropriate, just say so.<P>I've gone to church my whole life, and been a Christian since I was a pre-teen. I always believed that God was in control, and He listened to our prayers. Now I wonder about both.<P>Too many non-sensical deaths of innocents. Too much suffering. Too much pain. No relief in sight.<P>How do you know He's there when you call? Or more disheartening, how do you know He cares? If He does deliver one person, why not another who suffers just as much?<P>Sometimes, life just stinks, and God isn't going to make it all better.<P>It's tough, losing your security blanket, ya know? [Linked Image from marriagebuilders.com] <P>