I found out about 6 weeks ago that my wife has been having an affair. I had actually suspected it for about 4 months (which is about how long it has gone on), but I confronted her six weeks ago. I feel that I am dying on the inside, if not already dead. She says that she has passion for him that she never had for me. I tell myself that it is infatuation and that it will go away. I tell myself that she is too smart to throw away our 7 years of marriage and devastate are 3 children, not to mention our extended families. I tell myself that she will get over it. But she continues to say that she doesn't think she can live without the passion. I love her dearly, have never been mean to her, provide a good house, etc. At this point I just want her to stay with me, regardless of what else is going on. I can't sleep, food has no taste, music carries no solace, and I cannot concentrate long enough to read anything. I am having tremendous difficulties at work, because I cannot focus, and my only respite is when I spend time with my kids. I anticipate the end of the day with such optimism so that I can go home, foolishly thinking that something will have changed. She is currently still living with me, but sneaks to see him when she can. She is miserable about the whole thing too, but cannot leave him behind. I realize that the six weeks for which I have suffered are only a short period in terms of many of other people's situations, but the last six weeks has been longer than the preceeding 33 years of my life. CAn anyone offer encouragement or am I destined to misery?<BR>