VAR,<BR>I relate...ok. She must stay away from the OM for at least 30 days min, to 60 each is different to "break" that endorphin attraction. Is she all "giddy" and happy when she gets back or been around the OM? <BR>Back in 9/99 our D-day, my W stayed away from the OM for about 45 days, then because our two sons are on the same team, we came together and she saw him for the first time,<BR>she said it was different, not the same pull to him. We still maintain distance, rules are she cannont EVER be around him w/o out me there, no exceptions, even a year later. <BR>Constant contact with OM , she will never break the addiction to him. Its an addiction, not love, its emotional love. Was their affair a PA or an EA? Ours was an EA but still devasting. He kissed her passionately, <BR>and tried to make a PA but she resisted thank God.<BR><P>------------------<BR>jnvc