VAR,<P>I have to agree with Max, there should be NO CONTACT between your W and the OM. Your kids will just have to deal with it. If they complain to much let your W explain it, after all she created the situation.<P>If you allow this situation to continue then your pretty much going to get what you see happening now. After all you are allowing her to have the best of both worlds.<P>You support her and the kids and provide her with a home and the OM provides her romance and sex. Hell, why should she change???<P>Understand you are at a sever disadvantage. Your busy trying to be your familiies rock while he gets to play foot loose and fancy a few hours a week. How easy would it be for you to be Mr. Perfect if you only had to wear the Mr. Perfect face a few hours a week.<P>Personally, I would have another "talk" with the OM and "explain" it in a forceful manner that it's OVER. Your W thinks this guy is Mr. Wonderful, well ask her what kind of Mr. Wonderful goes around destroying peoples lives? If he is so CONSERNED about her, why would he do this to her, you and the children.<P>It's time she takes the rose colored glasses off and grows up. If she can't do that then it's time for her to realize you aren't going to be chump enough to let it continue.