Nellie,<P>Your children may have an opportunity that you didn't have [Linked Image from] , you can teach them about emotional needs & about how to fulfill them, how to take care of their (future) spouses.<P>If we all here had have these teachings probably this site wouldn't exist. If we look closer we'll realize that the lessons from this site & Dr. H's books apply to just about any close relationship, namely friendship. [Linked Image from] [Linked Image from] <P>Ultimately, if we can "spread the word" lerning from our pain & setting the example to our children & other human beings in our life we will be an instrument to help others to be happy, and in doing so we may reach happiness ourselves. [Linked Image from] [Linked Image from] [Linked Image from]<P>Alex<P>------------------<BR>Live and learn (but when?)