When we potty trained my oldest we used Skittles.<P>My middle son was extremely stubborn. We tried food and stickers to earn his favorite toys. Nothing seemed to matter to him.<P>I had made a judgmental comment about a relative who had a 3 year-old that wasn't potty trained - This was before I had children and still thought I knew all about it.<P>Anyway, I told my middle son that he was not going to be 3 and not potty trained. His 3rd birthday came, we wrapped his presents, set them out and said, sorry, you can't have them because you can't turn 3 until your potty trained. He potty trained over night and when he had a relapse we would just remind him that he can't be 3 unless he's potty trained.<P>My youngest (daughter) wanted a Barbie, but I told her that Barbies are for big girls and you can't play with a Barbie if you wear a diaper. That is all it took for her.