Peppermint, Aka, Greg (& Lori),<P>Hi guys, how am I doing? Most days I am fine, thank you, while sometimes I am really depressed or angry without any particular reason. In general I believe that I have grown better and free, but sometimes I sob for no apparent reason… I feel sorry for my self sometimes, you know? Even when I know that this is not a healthy attitude.<P>The first half of July the wife & my D traveled to NY (the daughter to her grandma’s, the wife to her lover’s- the second one, Greg, the “ex-ex” from 20 years ago), and then my daughter and I went to see my folks the second half of the month.<P>The ex-ex arrived in town in August 15th and the wife moved out at the same time. Don’t feel sorry: it’s then when my real healing began, so I guess I am not doing so bad considering than this happened just 2 months ago.<P>We are in good terms in general: still business partners, still “friends”- sort of… the other night I went over her apartment to ask for a sincere opinion on a domestic issue & she gave me some sound advise, the problem arised the following day when she started acting her & practically tried to run my home long distance- I cut her short and we hadn’t been in good terms until this evening, when we kinda sorted things out.<P>My daughter won 1 gold and 4 silver medals in a gymnastics competition last Sunday- 8 clubs from 3 neighboring states got together and organized it- although the medals were given by the Municipal Sports Council it’s not an official competition.<P>The downside is that her grades are going down the tubes: the wife says that I am not helping her enough with homework. I say that the fact that she (wife) left one week before school year began has something to do with it, too- she went from straight A's in English classes and straight 10’s in Spanish classes to a 9’s, and two lower ones: a 7.5 and a 5 (she flunked this one) in Spanish- haven’t received the English reports though.<P>Business is up and down- sales suck but what else is new, everyone in this country seems to be waiting for the new administration to take over before committing new investments, but on the bright side we are moving to a better location and expanding too. I am now member of the National Council of Directors of my professional association and recently during a convention I started to notice “gals” (they are not women or girls yet, just “gals”, meaning that I notice them again with the same eyes than 16 years ago but I am not ready to even ask them for a dance).<P>Well that’s that. I hope that you guys are doing OK. Greg: I chose to tell the story here; I’ll write to you sometime soon. Say hi to Lori & the gang. My e-mail is<P>Take care.<P>Alex<P>------------------<BR><B>Live fully and always learn</B>