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Posted By: Texasgirl Support Our Troops - 10/20/03 06:25 PM
Just wanted to remind all and ask all to spread the word.
We do still have men and women serving in Iraq. Our service men and women will be over there for a while. The holidays will be coming up and they will be hard ones for the troops and their families. If you know anyone who has a spouse or child in harm's way please reach out to them.
Please remember them and remind your friends, family and acquaintances that they are still there. These people need to be supported. Their families need support. We have several here who have H's there and are going thru a hard time.
My eldest son is there, it is hard to a child in a dangerous place.
I know some military husbands strayed when away from home with military, mine did. But, I hope those who stayed in the marriage will keep their vows this time, esp after working so hard to keep their marriage together. The wives who find themselves in this position, need encouragement to trust their husbands, that they will do the right thing.
Primarily this post is to ask that everyone :

Posted By: gemini1 Re: Support Our Troops - 10/20/03 07:52 PM
We do support our troops. We send a care package to a good friend of our sons frequently.

Prayers daily to keep them safe! All of them.

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