Proverbs 27 (NLT)
17As iron sharpens iron, a friend sharpens a friend.

The Greek work barzel is used for iron in both references in the verse in proverbs. It could be translated to mean “a tool of iron that sharpens iron”. The idea is something of equal strength is being used to sharpen something of equal strength. When used as a comparison in the second half of the verse we then see that a friend sharpens a friend’s countenance. Or in other words a conversation between friends sharpens up the face.

This proverb teaches we need friends who can help us in our daily life and we also need to be friends to others. Without a good solid friend in our life we can become like a dull piece of metal because there is no one to help keep us sharp in our thoughts. There is no one to challenge us or provoke us to think differently. We can get wrapped up in our own thoughts of the flesh with no one to pull us away. But a friend who cares will sharpen our thoughts against fleshly desires and evils that lurk after us. Pray that God would give you a Godly friend to sharpen you. Pray that you might befriend someone else and guide them in Godly and righteous ways. Pray you might sharpen each other as friends always giving glory to God, Christ and the Holy Spirit. Amen.