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Re: Hope? Lili36 02/14/24 03:10 PM
I loved it. And I would love to go to counseling but my husband just says it's too late. He doesn't want to anymore. He's just done. I love the suggestions they gave me.

Joyce Harley and I and have been in contact via email as well and she suggested to have my husband email reasons if why he wants the divorce (his thinking and reasoning)

My husband barely even wants to talk to me, and when we do I can tell he gets frustrated even though he is trying to control it.

I do not know where to go from here. He wants me sign the uncontested divorce ASAP. I don't want to. He gets mean and angry if I don't. He doesn't want to go to counseling anymore. He'd love to have me out of the house. He is interested in a friendship down the line, but I don't know if I can.

I think what is behind this (I'm not sure if I mentioned it in my original post) is that he is hurt that I didn't move with him for his job. (He was offered a job in a different part of the state, and I stayed behind to finish my degree at the university I went so but ultimately failed classes over and over). I think he has so so so much resentment towards me because he felt lonely and unsupported. And I feel like he cannot see past that resentment at the moment. I feel like he just looks at me and gets mad/annoyed. And I am just not sure if there is a way past the intense resentment. The therapist I am talking to and knows him as well says yes there is, resentment can be overcome if there is genuine change on my part, but it just takes time.

I am not sure what to do frown I am weeks away from being divorced and I truly think we can work through these things. Nothing terrible happened (abuse/cheating.....)
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Re: MBRadio show discussing electric fence pers. BrainHurts 02/13/24 05:08 PM
Originally Posted by abrrba
I believe Dr. Harley has written about the electric fence personality in his book, Buyers, Renters, & Freeloaders. I can't confirm because I loaned my copy to one of my daughters, but I'm pretty sure he wrote about it there.
Dr. Harley confirms that he wrote about it in Buyers, Renters and Freeloaders
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Re: No Win situations BrainHurts 01/30/24 03:38 PM
Originally Posted by SunshineFlower
Thank you all for your responses and Happy New Year!
Yes, this has all taken a great toll on my health. My PPD has improved but my physical health at the moment is not so good.

I have discussed my leaving him and told him that it will be an option for me should things persist they way they are. He has apologized for those issues I have brought up (which is big for me) and I can see where he is "trying* but I suppose old habits die hard. I am most concerned about my resentment blocking anything. At the same time I can't swallow up everything just to be ok.

I will work on writing to the show. I appreciate you all!
Did you ever get a chance to write Dr. Harley yet?
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Re: Married 23 years I need help BrainHurts 01/23/24 03:58 PM
Originally Posted by Lowblow
I guess I have to make that decision as I’m the one who has to live with it. I’ve brought up couples/marriage counseling many times, but she never fallows through. I think she’s afraid of getting called out on the stuff she did to me and she doesn’t want to face that or even be honest about what she did. Thanks for the reply.

Have you thought about emailing Dr. Harley? I'm sorry you are where you are at in your marriage.

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