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Re: Deep hurt BrainHurts 07/20/24 04:48 PM
How much UA time were you getting a week?
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Re: Help... BrainHurts 07/16/24 03:18 AM
Watch the video in this and read the material.

How to Survive Infidelity

Also, what have you done to show your wife that you aren’t cheating anymore? What have you done to provide complete transparency?
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Re: Comfortable to Exciting still seeking 07/14/24 04:22 AM
I didn't plan on posting again before you left, but this kept coming to my mind, so I typed it out.

Originally Posted by Comfortable Shoe
Like here is an example:

I went to a ladies event at church last night. I had such a wonderful time. We laughed so much. I came home on cloud 9. And hubby was down. I had called him to ask about something that day and he had said no, but then realized we should have said yes. I probably should have followed up with my reasonings, when I made the initial call, but didn't and then he figured out the reasonings (had to do with supporting our best friends). So now he was so angry and upset with himself. Also, he had several projects at the house that didn't go well and he was trying to figure all of that out, so he wasn't in a great mood. I went to bed worried and upset because of my husband's mood... had trouble sleeping.

I know that Dr. Harley says that our most enjoyable hours should be spent with our spouse, but with his physical and emotional status right now, I do not know if that is possible. It just makes me upset that my fun time with my friends was ruined.

Originally Posted by Still Seeking
Does this happen all the time?
Originally Posted by Comfortable Shoe

I sense you don't feel very comfortable bringing this up to him. He doesn't hurt you on purpose. It's already been difficult getting this far. It feels like you are wondering if you ought to put these things on hold or at least slow down a little bit. . (If I am wrong, please comment, but you can leave it until you come back home.)

Here is a link to an article written by Steve Harley. (Click on the word article)
Steve is Dr. Harley's son, who also happens to do marriage counseling.
Steve does a good job explaining how getting hurt by accident still hurts. I don't suggest you quote this verbatim.
You may be able to adapt it though.

You'll have some time to think about it.
Bon Voyage
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Re: H says put out or get out still seeking 07/06/24 04:59 PM
Hi B,
I was online a few days ago looking around, and I looked at "who's online now" it showed RMW was online.
I was not on MB for over 10 years, decided to get back on a little bit. Not many here these days from the era when you and I started posting.

I wondered how you are doing.
Completely recovered from accident?
Working a good job that you enjoy and where they treat you well?
Credit rating back up to 850? grin

We hope you are not just OK, but much better than that.
Would love an update if you feel like talking.
If not, you can ignore this and it will just fade away.

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Re: Separated/Dating still seeking 06/29/24 04:41 AM
So, are you still legally married? But you're asking if it is okay to date?
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