Genesis 39: 22-23 (NLT)
22 Before long, the jailer put Joseph in charge of all the other prisoners and over everything that happened in the prison. 23 The chief jailer had no more worries after that, because Joseph took care of everything. The LORD was with him, making everything run smoothly and successfully.

Joseph had been blessed by the Lord and was serving in Potiphar’s house after being sold into slavery by his brothers. But Potiphar’s wife had accused Joseph falsely of making advances towards her, which had caused Joseph to be placed in prison. Instead of falling into despair and misery Joseph made the best of his situation and allowed the Lord to work through him even in prison. There he took care of everything where even the jailer didn’t have to worry.

We have choices in life where we can either let life defeat us or we can choose to be victorious in Christ. From the moment Joseph got into Egypt he could have taken the attitude, “my brothers sold me in slavery I might as well give up”. But instead he allowed the Lord to encourage him and he served the Lord with all his heart and faithfulness. Even in a prison where there is usually hopelessness Joseph was put in charge of everything, which also meant he became accountable for any problems that occurred. Any disorderly conduct by the prisoners would have meant swift punishment for Joseph. Yet Joseph took care of everything and the Lord was with him and he was successful. Joseph counted on God to help him through the difficult moments of his life. Are you counting on God to see you through to make everything run smoothly and successful? Pray God will be there to help you in your moments of need. Pray for success in your life and that struggles will vanish and life with become like a calm lake. Turn to God instead of turning to the world.