Revelation 3:7-13 (The Message)
7 Write this to Philadelphia, to the Angel of the church. The Holy, the True—David's key in his hand, opening doors no one can lock, locking doors no one can open—speaks:
8 "I see what you've done. Now see what I've done. I've opened a door before you that no one can slam shut. You don't have much strength, I know that; you used what you had to keep my Word. You didn't deny me when times were rough. 9 "And watch as I take those who call themselves true believers but are nothing of the kind, pretenders whose true membership is in the club of Satan—watch as I strip off their pretensions and they're forced to acknowledge it's you that I've loved. 10 "Because you kept my Word in passionate patience, I'll keep you safe in the time of testing that will be here soon, and all over the earth, every man, woman, and child put to the test. 11 "I'm on my way; I'll be there soon. Keep a tight grip on what you have so no one distracts you and steals your crown. 12 "I'll make each conqueror a pillar in the sanctuary of my God, a permanent position of honor. Then I'll write names on you, the pillars: the Name of my God, the Name of God's City—the new Jerusalem coming down out of Heaven—and my new Name. 13 "Are your ears awake? Listen. Listen to the Wind Words, the Spirit blowing through the churches."

Jesus is telling the church of Philadelphia He holds the keys to allowing doors to open or close. In other words Jesus is in control of the kingdom of God and no one passes in or out without His permission. Jesus says the church of Philadelphia has been faithful not to deny Him. There are some who have pretended to be Christians, but Jesus will strip away all their false pretense away for all to see. The pillar each was to receive was not one to support the building, but a memorial pillar as was often erected to honor Roman emperors and generals.

There was a video game where part of the object of the game was for the character to obtain keys hidden throughout the game. Once the character had a key they could open doors to treasures and riches. Or if an enemy was in pursuit a key could be used to open an escape path that closed behind protecting them from the enemy. Jesus said, “And I will give you the keys of the Kingdom of Heaven. Whatever you lock on earth will be locked in heaven, and whatever you open on earth will be opened in heaven." This statement was made to Peter and the other disciples as Jesus was revealing to them he was the Messiah. Jesus was giving them the keys to perform miracles, bind demons, and heal the sick all in order to show Christ’s glory and power. Those who own businesses don’t hand the keys over to the store to just anyone; it has to be someone they have faith and trust in. Jesus is ready to provide the keys to those who are faithful. He wants to bring opportunities where the church and individuals can grow. He wants to open doors where others can be led to Him. But Jesus can also close doors and keep them shut to those who deny Him and are unfaithful to him. Pray to God your faith may be strong enough for Jesus to open doors for you. Ask doors to be shut when sin attacks and there is no escape except through Jesus. Jesus can open and close doors where you don’t see any that exist.