Jeremiah 16:19-21 (NLT)
19 Lord, you are my strength and fortress, my refuge in the day of trouble! Nations from around the world will come to you and say, “Our ancestors left us a foolish heritage, for they worshiped worthless idols. 20 Can people make their own gods? These are not real gods at all!” 21 The Lord says, “Now I will show them my power; now I will show them my might. At last they will know and understand that I am the Lord.

This is a prayer of Jeremiah to the Lord. He acknowledges the strength and power of God. He acknowledges God provides for him a place of refuge in times of trouble. Then Jeremiah turns his attention on others to say they will come to recognize what God has done for them. They were misled by family before them. Their families worshiped idols, but they now see the idols are not gods. Then God acknowledges He will show them His might so they may understand He is Lord.

When I was a teenager, a friend of mine knew the manager of the downtown auditorium. He went to church with the man’s children and was good friends with them. Even back then one of the popular things to do was to go watch the wrestling matches. While they were mostly show instead of competition it was fun to watch everyone in attendance and how they reacted. But the best part was walking up to the back door of the auditorium to the manager my friend knew. There the man would open the door wide and welcome us in because He knew us. We walked in free of charge, no cost to us just because of my friend’s relationship with this man. The manager included me because I was a close friend of his son’s friend. God includes those who are close friends of His son Jesus. He welcomes them just as he would any other close friend or member of the family. As Jeremiah prayed he knew God’s love for him and he welcomed God bringing others close to him. Acknowledge God and the power of his might and pray for those who need God in their lives. Pray God will bring others close to Him.