Jeremiah 3:12 (21st Century King James)
12 Go and proclaim these words toward the north, and say: "`Return, thou backsliding Israel,' saith the LORD, `and I will not cause Mine anger to fall upon you; for I am merciful,' saith the LORD, `and I will not keep anger for ever.

God’s anger is ready to fall on those who are in sin, but His preference is for the sinner to repent of their sin and return to Him. And when the sinner rejects the sin in their life and seeks out God, He is merciful and His anger fades. God does not hold His anger towards the repentant person, but instead forgives and forgets the sin ever happened.

Have you ever tried to make it to the top of a steep roof on your own? You may start out thinking it is going to be simple as you try to slide yourself slowly up the roof, but then you loose your footing and you slide back down. No matter what you try you find you just cannot keep the proper grip to keep you from sliding backwards as you attempt to make your way up. But then you attempt the climb with someone holding you steady with a rope. As the other person keeps a hold on you the effort to move towards the top becomes easy. With their help you finally reach your goal. Our life is like that in when we attempt to go through life on our own we slide backwards into sin. We have it in our mind we are invincible and can accomplish everything on our own, but that is not the truth. We need God in our lives to hold us firmly in place. We need to return to Him and ask Him for His help. And when we do God is merciful and gracious to help us through life. Are you sliding backwards through life? Pray and ask God to step in and help. Tell God you are tired of the sins in your life and you want to turn away from them. Pray God will minister to you and hold you firmly away from sin.