Ecclesiastes 8:6 (Holman Christian Standard)
6 For every activity there is a right time and procedure, even though man's troubles are heavy on him

King Solomon expresses it doesn’t matter who you are; you can be surprised anytime by sudden change. We are in the dark when it comes to our future, but our Lord God knows all that will take place. And God in His Wisdom has appointed the right time and purpose for events to occur.

In the movie The Pursuit of Happyness, actor Will Smith finds life is not quite what he expected. He invested in medical equipment that he hoped to sell, but found it was difficult to make the sales to provide an income for his family. He decided to make a change in career to become a stockbroker only to learn as a trainee he did not earn an income. It seemed every corner he turned had more and more problems. What he had a difficult time seeing was life was going to take a turn for the better. We can’t see the plans God has for us. We are like the blind; not seeing what waits around the corner. But Psalms 33:4 tells us, “For the word of the Lord holds true, and we can trust everything he does.” We must trust God that He will lead our steps. We must have faith in Christ to know that we can endure suffering heartache. And we must have hope in the right time God will act in our lives. Pray God will always lead your steps. Acknowledge your trust and faith in Him. Know the suffering Christ endured was not in vain, but was to set you free.