2 Samuel 18:33
33 The king was stunned. Heartbroken, he went up to the room over the gate and wept. As he wept he cried out, O my son Absalom, my dear, dear son Absalom! Why not me rather than you, my death and not yours, O Absalom, my dear, dear son!

David weeps over the loss of his son Absalom after being killed in battle against David’s army. David is heartbroken over the news and wishes it had been his own death and not the death of his son.

David was sometimes slow to realize the impact of his own sin. Just like his actions with Bathsheba, it wasn’t until he was confronted by Nathan did he grieve over the extent of his sin. It was then that he lost the son born of Bathsheba. And now he has lost even another child as he failed to carry out his responsibilities as king. It has brought extreme grief once again into his life. The problem David had with Absalom is that instead of following God and depending on Him for guiding David’s family, David instead took his own course of action. David should have been following God and dealt wisely with all of his children, but instead he allowed issues that should have been addressed to pass. Look to God for answers concerning your family and lean not on your own understanding. God will give you the wisdom if you seek Him and ask for the wisdom you need.