Jeremiah 16:19-21 (NLT)
19 Lord, you are my strength and fortress, my refuge in the day of trouble! Nations from around the world will come to you and say, “Our ancestors left us a foolish heritage, for they worshiped worthless idols. 20 Can people make their own gods? These are not real gods at all!” 21 The Lord says, “Now I will show them my power; now I will show them my might. At last they will know and understand that I am the Lord.

Jeremiah has spoken to the people about the coming disaster of Judah and the punishment they will face. They have been told happy days will come to an end. Even the normal gaiety found at weddings will be no more as people mourn the loss of their freedom. Then in the verses above Jeremiah offers a pray of hope and confidence for the people. Jeremiah admits the people worshipped idols carved by their own hands. The he questions the nonsense by asking can people make their own gods. Jeremiah looks forward to when God will reveal His might and people will understand he is Lord of all.

As you pause to think about our time in history, has man found the harmony and peace has always been seeking? It’s something he desires in his heart, yet there are those who interrupt the peace, who bring chaos, death, and poverty to an area. Even in the good parts of the world people struggle with addictions and other problems which are the gods they have placed in their life to follow. The world struggles with war trying to fight off those who may be the captors or conquerors. Yet like Jeremiah we can count on God to prevail. We can trust God in that He has our best interest at heart. Pray like Jeremiah for the sins of those who have gone before us and have lead us to sin today. Pray God will reveal Himself to others and those others will spread His word.