Proverbs 19:3 (NLT)
3 People ruin their lives by their own foolishness and then are angry at the Lord.

The proverb points out two of man’s senseless behaviors. The first deals with how man handles his own affairs in life. Their own foolishness causes them not to succeed and they become disappointed in their failures. They do not take account to ask the Lord to guide their ways and lead them in proper directions. The second point is that man then becomes angry at the Lord for something they did not include Him in to begin with. They place their blame on God instead of placing their blame on their own folly. They blame God as though He did something wrong and He was never included from the start.

It is much easier to fix blame on a person than it is to accept responsibility for fixings one’s own problems. You may hear people say things like:

- It’s entirely their fault; if they had helped I would not be having this problem.
- They always leave if for me to do and then something happens and I get blamed.
- I was just trying to help and now they are angry with me for messing up.
- Just because I broke something I borrowed from a friend they expect me to pay.
- God always let’s me down. It seems He is never there when I need Him.
- If only God hadn’t allowed me to get myself into this situation.

It’s easy to blame, but it’s more difficult to correct the real problems. Maybe we need to stop and look at our reasons for the things we do. Most importantly we need to include God in our lives so His wisdom can guide us. Maybe if we listened to God’s wisdom we would learn there are things we should not do and also learn there are things we should do. Hopefully we will come to understand our own faults and make corrections accordingly. Pray and include God on your life decisions. Ask Him for guidance and then when things don’t turn out as expected, praise God that He took you in a different direction for a purpose you may not yet understand.