The saga continued, but turned down a dark corner, including my husband's emotional affair detailed on other threads.

The night I discovered him lying again, 3 months after an apparently effective NC was in place, I gave up, told him to leave, and decided to sell the house, pay off the bills and start over.

As he got to the door, the fog suddenly cleared and its gripping tentacles were dissolved in his sobbing tears to give him one more chance.

It's been three months but he has made good on every promise so far and now that we've found MarriageBuilders, I finally have hope that we will make it. Not only will we survive, but we will thrive to be able to use our experiences to help others escape the fog of hopelessness and despair chronicled in this 33 year saga.

And he has truly become the man of my dreams who says he will do anything to help me heal. I lost most of the weight before the affair and no longer snore. So after rejoining him in our bed the night of D-Day #1, we've only slept apart for 5 nights (when I visited out of town family) during the last 7 months.

Despite our nebulous beginnings, it seems that a miracle is in the making, and time will determine its outcome. I hope anyone reading who is struggling to regain lost love, will be inspired by our story of finally falling in love after suffering in silent existence for over 30 years.

And thanks to MB, the saga continues....

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