Hey JinGA

I've never posted to you before (still relatively new to MB as my D-day was only in April), but I've always loved your story and admired you--especially when you found your latest BF!!

My only comment--I don't think it's strange when exs can get along. For my personal sitch, I'm in Plan B now and don't intend to reconcile (too much damage to the M from his A.) And I don't intend to have contact with him once the D is final because I don't have a reason to. Even though we had a long term relationship and an 8 year marriage, we have no children and no other ties financially. Now if we had kids, I still think I would have D'd him after finding out about the A, but I would definitely tried to have an amicable relationship for the kids' sake.

But I'm not bitter or angry--I hope he can work himself through this mess he's made and get healthly and happy again one day. My prayer is that he finds someone who can be good for him and live well. But I'm moving towards indifference about him--and so I am not interested in doing even the work needed to have him as a friend again once he de-fogs--if ever.

I think we were in each other's lives for a reason or a season, but for me that reason or season is done. So moving on without him forever--and feeling good about my future once my personal recovery is further along.

Anyway...2 cents from a newbie! <img src="/ubbt/images/graemlins/laugh.gif" alt="" /> I hope your family has a great Christmas together.