My parents were divorced when I was 4 and my mother remained single but had a long term boyfriend and eventually remarried when I was 14. My father lived in another state and sometimes for Christmas would come to town and stay with us for a week. My mother was gracious enough to allow him to stay with us so that he could spend time with us, because he lived 600 miles away and we only saw him twice a year. Even after I became an adult, my mother and my step-dad were always friendly toward my father and opened their home to him when I got married, when I had my children, various special occasions. My mother went to his parents funerals (30 years after they divorced). My mother went to my baby brother's funeral (from my dad and step mother) even though I was unable to attend because I was bedridden with a difficult pregnancy. My mother has always been supportive and made it a point to never say anything bad about my father (though she had lots of things she could have complained about - he never paid child support, etc.).

My XH and my husband have always gotten along wonderfully. They ride bikes together on occasion (not so much anymore just because everybody's so busy), they've gone fishing together with my oldest son. We've invited him to many family functions and have always done joint birthday parties and graduation parties for my son with both sides of the family involved. Never had a problem.

I think it's wonderful when ex-spouses can put aside differences (funny how the differences go away when you don't have to live with them anymore!) and have a decent working relationship for the sake of the kids. It makes a huge difference to the children and they will forever be thankful for it.

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