MortarMan -

I totally agree:

"I worried about the same thing. But it wasnt until I fully let go (not, let go because I wanted my wife back...but just, let go!), that God was able to get her back to me.
By letting go, you are leaving the future up to God. And trusting Him to guide your ways. You cant lose that way, no matter what you ex does."

This is how I feel about it most of the time now - that it is all up to God and that WHATEVER God decides is fine with me!

I have put off offers from men for years now and don't really have any intention of getting involved with any of the men who are currently interested in me right now anyway.

I KNOW my WXH's has interperted my not dating yet as either no man being that interested in me and/or I'm still so interested in WXH that I may still cave to reconciliation his way... But neither of those false assumptions are true of course LOL.

I think it will come as a big shock to WXH when he finally realizes otherwise.

The truth is most of the time now I'm hoping God does NOT want me and my WXH to reconcile! It would be such a big gamble, too much to ask of me IMHO. AND it would take so many years of reconciliation efforts on my WXH's part, which he hasn't even started yet, before I could rust him ebnough to give him another chance, that I would be basically consigning myself to being alone for the rest of my life just so that MAYBE he would finally prove himself trustworthy enough to get another chance...