"So why not just go on a few dates? Some men have shown interest already - why not meet one of them for dinner? One or 2 dates does not a lifetime commitment make, nor does it even constitute involvement."

I of course turned down all offers before the divorce was final. AND those men who were willing to date me when I was still a married woman are of no interest to me now either.

Then for a while after the divorce was final I was still open to reconciliation so I was not going to date a man just to try to make my WXH jealous or to lead a man on.

Even now, when I'm feeling that there is really no sense in waiting any longer for my WXH and I am closer to moving on, I don't exactly feel any sense of desparation or hurry LOL.

I'm fine with being by myself most of the time. Plus I've become EXTREMELY picky now too. I will be much more careful the next time arund. In all honesty I'd rather stay alone than to marry another loser... or to settle and then later meet somebody better.

I know a lot of people date people they know they are not really interested in long term. I've never been that way. Even when I was young I didn't really date. There have only been a few men I've met in my whole life that I was interested in really. I didn't go out on dates very often and when I did it was only because I did believe there was a possibility of it becoming meaningful.

Also, I prefer group activites and then 'courting', to dating. I don't want to 'date' in the common sense. I meet men who are interested in me just from my normal activities and involvements. I was never an advocate of the typical way women try to meet men: going to bars, blind dates, match-maker internet sites, etc. Dating is so artificial IMHO and is something I would prefer to defer until engagement and marriage.

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