"No sense waiting for someone who left you to maybe come back."

I fully realized that the likelihood of my WXH ever coming back was slim at best.

And actually, I can't imagine WXH even agreeing to what I would expect in order for recovery. And that list has only grown longer with time LOL!

My reasons for refraining from 'dating' were only partly related to waiting for WXH to want reconciliation.

However, it is advised to not get involved with somebody new after divorce. I certainly wasn't interested in a rebound or revenge relationship. I was married a long time and the length of the marriage affects the length of time it takes to recover enough before getting involved with somebody new. I was waiting for my own benefit too - not necessarily JUST waiting for my WXH to return.

Besides I have met and gotten to know several men during that time since the divorce. There's a lot you can learn about men without having to be alone with them on a date.