"Has he dated at all in the past two years?"

My guess is yes he probably has. I really don't know.

But in any case, that has nothing to do with my decisions.

If he hasn't dated he has still stubbornly refused to take responsibility for the adultery/divorce and failed to initiate a genuine recovery effort.

If he has dated, my personal reasons for not dating still apply.

We were married 25 years. I've read it takes one year of recovery for each 5 years of marriage. That isn't affected by what the X is up to, BTW. We were separated for a couple of years and have been divorced for a couple of years now. I didn't want to get involved with a new man before stabilizing myself first. Even if my WXH and the OW had stayed together and gotten married my personal recovery time would still have been based on the length of my marriage, right? Again, this is not entirely because I was waiting for WXH to come home.

Also, the way I prefer to get to know men can be done without dating anyway. So it's not like I've been waiting to meet and consider other men as a possibility for the future.

The offers I turned down before the divorce was final were from men I would not consider now because they obviously didn't get what would be wrong with dating a married woman!
Of the men who've shown interest since the divorce was final: one married another divorced mom (met, dated, married really quickly IMHO), a few I have zero interest in because of problems they have, and the rest I'm friends with and getting to know better without 'dating' one-on-one. No hurry.