A few years back there was a "character" on this web site who controlled his wife by posting provocative questions designed to excuse or endorse his behavior. His wife had been so beaten down about questions she would "dare" to ask about his behavior and so-called recovery (not) and over all, there was quite a sense that their marriage could not and would not be saved without a total personality change.

I've watched you post here for quite some time now (years) reserving judgment, but with a growing sense that you could become the next SNL - you are not as depraved (yet) toward your wife - but you could if you continue on this path.

I completely agree. I remember SNL before he was (thankfully) banned from this site. His wife would try and try and try, but he had NO interest in recovery - only in utterly and thoroughly defeating and punishing his wife for interfering with his personal life and "making him look bad." Too bad he never realized he didn't need any help for that.

SNL used passive-aggressive, gaslighting, guilt-tripping and word-twisting behaviour in the extreme, until his wife was having a nervous breakdown right here on this forum. They were both banned. I have never seen anything approaching his level of cold-blooded cruelty and pettiness and selfishness - until now.

And what for? To prove he was "right" and his wife was wrong? To make sure he "won" and she lost? To punish her and make her suffer and make her sorry she ever dared question anything he did?

Well, he suceeded. He won. His wife suffered terribly and so did the rest of his family. But He Won. And we're still here talking about it today.

Me, BW
WH cheated in corporate workplace for many years. He moved out and filed in summer 2008.