Last evening my WH planned a romantic evening for me! He emailed me and said open only if you dare...and explained the evening he had planned for ME. (I have requested flirting, affection and making me feel special)

The "angels" were in bed at 7:50pm and while I was tucking them in - he began running a hot jacuzzi bath for ME, lighting candles - It was MY NIGHT. While I was relaxing - he brought in a glass of wine, chocolate and cookies. (We both read Venus and Mars in the Bedroom and this is what sparked his interest). Dedicate an evening all to me.....

After my relaxing bath, was massage time - again - the whole eveneing was about me nothing more nothing less. This was a wonderful evening to demonstrate that he is committed to making our relatioship work. He followed some guidelines from the book and all I can say is

He met my needs and amazingly his #1 and #2 EN's were also met.

I maybe moving tooooo fast but I am doing what feels right......

any other re-connecting stories?