ISAIAH 50:10-11 (The MESSAGE)
10 -11Who out there fears God, actually listens to the voice of his servant? For anyone out there who doesn't know where you're going, anyone groping in the dark, Here's what: Trust in God. Lean on your God! But if all you're after is making trouble, playing with fire, Go ahead and see where it gets you. Set your fires, stir people up, blow on the flames, But don't expect me to just stand there and watch. I'll hold your feet to those flames.

God speaks through Isaiah in these verses to those who at the moment feel out of touch with God. It is as though they are walking in darkness, groping around, searching for the answers they need. There are two possible things the person can do: 1) continue to trust in God, or 2) head off in their own direction, frustrated and letting their emotions run wild like a forest fire.

A missionary once told a story of his travels through Africa. One night as the missionary and a companion were making a trip to another city the lights on their jeep suddenly went out. The two found themselves fearfully alone in total darkness, on a dirt road in the African wilderness. The companion remembering there was a flashlight in the glove box groped around until he found it. He then got out of the jeep and sat on the hood with just enough light from the flashlight to see the edges of the road and a few feet ahead. He told the missionary to drive forward as he vigilantly watched ahead. The missionary listened to his companion, who he could not even see, as the companion said steer left or right. It took a while, but they eventually arrived safely at their destination. Our lives are sometimes similar to this story. We can be traveling along in life and suddenly find ourselves surrounded in darkness, unsure of what to do, alone and fearful of the road ahead. We can stay there in our fear trying on our own to deal with the problems or we can trust God will lead us even though He seems out of sight. We can listen for His voice as He directs us along the proper path. Then finally we can arrive at the place God wanted us to go. Those who trust God are not assured the path ahead can be easily traveled, but He does promise not to leave or forsake us. Jesus said, “I am the light of the world. If you follow me, you won’t have to walk in darkness, because you will have the light that leads to life.”