blush No ... a year or more ago, we wouldn't be struggling with this because it wouldn't have been important to us. I am so glad that now it is though!

I've forgotten how late your DD's bday plans run...I remember it's a Saturday and there's a drive involved...something like that. See, I probably wouldn't end up going...after a full day, snuggling with DH in bed is about all I can imagine.

I'm much older though.

Doesn't matter how old or young - I prefer just hanging out, cuddling, or whatever wink with my H any chance I get!

As far as this being an affair marriage, IMO it is, I just didn't want to make assumptions. The facts are: they have been "friends" for 5 years, last M lasted almost 6 years; her stbH broke off his engagement about 1-2 months before SIL asked for her D; D finalized 5/30/08 - stbH was brought to Father's Day dinner 6/14/08, they were too touchy-feely (H asked her not to do that in front of DD again); they moved in together before D was final, only no one knew; prego within days of D.

Its all a matter of opinion, since she will not say how long they have been more than friends.

Its funny you say to take a year for every 5 years of M! I told my H I couldn't believe neither of them waited a year after their relationships ended!

They are all coming over for DDs bday this weekend - should be interesting. When we told DD her aunt was getting married in a couple of weeks, her reaction was "Again?" DD doesn't know about the pregnancy and we don't want her to until after they are married. Is there is a respectful way to request that they all refrain from telling/letting on that SIL is pregnant?

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