It doesn't matter that your MIL is a therapist. I interviewed many so called therapists before I found one I thought could help me. I once went to interview a therapist that had alcohol on her breath. I went to another one that became obsessed with me when I was pregnant. He even called me and yelled at me over the phone because I didn't call and tell him I had had my son. I threatened a TRO if he ever called me again. He backed off.
If anything,with the problems your MIL has,being a therapist would,IMO,make her more manipulative.
I tried for many years to get along with my family and my H's. I really,really tried. But I finally have come to the realization that THEY are the ones with the problems,not me.
My H's family is as bad as mine. We once went to meet them at a restaurant and they did not save us seats because "You are 15 minutes late". Well, screw that. I'm not going to be treated that way. We left the restaurant and they had the gall to call and say,"Meet us at the house after wherever you eat for coffee and dessert". YEA,RIGHT! mad uhuh :RollieEyes: We went home,got in our PJ's and watched a movie and THEY had the gall to be mad because we didn't show up.
My Mother would say things like,"I EXPECT you to be here a half an hour BEFORE we arrive. I want to see your smiling face when I walk in,young lady". What did I do? I refused to go. I WILL NOT be treated like a child.
People will treat you the way you LET them treat you. I know it's hard with family. But my Mother and my SIL on my H's side of the family are pains in the butts. I don't have to be around them because they're are FAMILY. I will be treated with respect or I won't see them at all.
I DON'T see them at all because they refuse to treat me with the respect I USED to show them. They can make someone ELSE feel bad about themselves, It's isn't going to be me.
My son knows his cousins but that's about it. I bent over backwards for so many years so HE would know family when they never even cared. The result is I have nothing to do with either family. They may call and talk to my H but he knows better then to put me on the phone.
They all deserve each other. There is nothing wrong with me....and there is nothing wrong with you either.