According to Dr. H, it is totally possible to create those feelings of love for someone whom you've never felt them for. See his basic concepts and "How Dr. Harley Learned to Save Marriages":

"I theorized that love might be nothing more than a learned association. If
someone were to be present often enough when I was feeling
particularly good, the person's presence in general might be
enough to trigger that good feeling - something we have come to
know as the feeling of love."

That is an amazingly hopeful statement for someone in your situation. Assuming you want to try to save your marriage, (and that is your decision to make) I think you have a GREAT shot at doing so.
If your husband loves you like you say he does, he will likely be very willing to try any and all of Dr. H's concepts.

As to the pregnancy issue, it is my advice that you consider waiting. Give the Basic Concepts a go, and then when it works, your child will be conceive in love. \:\)

married 5 years
two kiddos- D4 and D2